Marketing Retreat Planning 101 - How To Balance Business And Pleasure


When you are highly results oriented and goal driven, it can be hard to see when you should step away from your work to recharge your proverbial batteries. The fact of the matter is that standard vacations can leave some professionals feeling bored and stifled instead of relaxed. Industry-specific retreats offer the type of settings that even the most dedicated workers are likely to embrace, as they are able to take it easy without worrying about what's going on back at the office.

3 May 2017

Tips For Increasing Conversions From Your Firm's Legal Website


Is your law firm's website attracting visitors that just aren't converting into clients? If so, you aren't alone. Many times, people searching for legal advice aren't exactly sure whether they need to hire a lawyer or even what type of lawyer to hire if they do need one. But that doesn't mean that you can't turn your browsing web traffic into clientele. Check out these tips to learn how to increase conversions on your legal website.

12 April 2017

Five Tools And Features To Add To Your Medical Website


As a doctor, you don't just get the luxury of treating patients. You also have to manage a small business — your clinic — and that includes online marketing and developing a great website. If you want a website that offers your patients great features, you may want to talk with a developer, such as, about adding the following features. 1. Appointment Scheduling Many people dislike talking on the phone, and they want the convenience to handle as much as possible from their laptops and smartphones.

31 March 2017