Five Tools And Features To Add To Your Medical Website


As a doctor, you don't just get the luxury of treating patients. You also have to manage a small business — your clinic — and that includes online marketing and developing a great website. If you want a website that offers your patients great features, you may want to talk with a developer, such as, about adding the following features.

1. Appointment Scheduling

Many people dislike talking on the phone, and they want the convenience to handle as much as possible from their laptops and smartphones. To appeal to this type of patient, you may want to include a scheduling tool on your website. There, patients can set up their own appointments, and if you like, you can even allow patients to reschedule in certain time windows. For instance, you could allow patients to reschedule if it's at least 48 hours before their appointment.

2. Payment Portal

To save time in your office and to make paying more convenient for patients, consider putting a payment portal on your website. Ideally, patients should be able to sign in and see their current balance owed. Then, they can take care of co-pays before the appointment or after the fact. This is a great option to include if you let patients make payments on their bills.

3. Mailing List Sign-Up

You may want to develop a mailing list for marketing purposes. This list can be useful if you want to announce the offering of new services or advertise any special rates. A developer can help you add a signup option that appears as a popup window when people visit your medical practice's page, or the developer can just set up a signup box on any page of your website.

4. Check In Features

If you like, you can even let patients check on over your website. When the patients reach your office, they simply enter their name and cell phone number into the check in screen. When you are ready to see them, they receive a text on their phone. This can save time for your receptionist in the lobby, and some patients prefer the discreteness of this method compared to having to check in at the desk.

5. Search Box

If you have a blog with lots of information, you may also want to add a search box to your medical clinic's website. This allows your patients to easily search your website for all kinds of information.



31 March 2017

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