Tips For Website Success When You're A Real Estate Agent


As a real estate agent, you probably understand just how important it is to advertise yourself. After all, this is the best way to find clients who want to buy and sell properties, and it allows you to build up a more successful and lucrative business. You might have already advertised yourself and your real estate agent services in a variety of ways, but you might not have focused on building a successful website.

18 April 2022

3 Reasons To Include Short Videos In Your Marketing Emails


People receive countless messages in their emails every day. As a marketer, your goal should be to ensure the emails you send out to prospective clients and customers stand out from everything else they receive. One of the simple and effective ways to set a different tone and improve the reception of your emails is by adding videos to them. Video emails will significantly increase the open rates and give you better results with your marketing goals.

22 February 2022