How Does The Managed IT Consulting Process Work?


The idea of working with a third party to handle your company's IT needs sounds simple enough. However, there is usually an IT consulting process at the start. A consultant will help companies right-size their use of managed IT services before they commit to any contracts. You might wonder how the consultation process is going to work.

Mapping the IT System

Out of the gate, a consultant will want to develop a map of a client's IT system. This means figuring out where the basic components are, such as back-office services, databases, cloud resources, IoT systems, and network appliances. Likewise, they'll want to see what sorts of devices the company runs, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. A consultant will look for themes through a company's deployments to determine what would be the most efficient way to handle those needs. Similarly, they'll look for inconsistencies, such as a client's employees using different applications for the same task.

Discussing the Future

A move to a managed IT services model is an excellent chance to think about the future of your company's digital infrastructure. For example, a small business might want to move into a hybrid cloud setup to reduce the costs of operating several servers. An IT consulting firm can help you identify which transitions are necessary and how to make them within a managed setup.

Calculating Costs

One of the main points of using managed IT services is to streamline a company's costs. With a map of your existing infrastructure and a plan for the future approach, an IT consulting professional can calculate both one-time and long-term costs. This will give you a better sense of what the tradeoffs will be as you adopt the managed model. For example, a consultant can calculate labor costs for having an IT team in-house versus working with a managed services provider. Also, they can outline how a contract will lock in your IT costs.


After a client has approved the transition, the consulting team will work to implement the needed solutions. This may include basic tasks, like removing old network appliances to establish a consistent infrastructure. Likewise, they'll install the necessary software for securely and efficiently managing all of your firm's IT systems.

Long-Term Quality Control and Client Satisfaction

With everything deployed, the IT consulting company will perform quality control checks and verify that the client is satisfied. This will include testing and even stressing the deployed resources to ensure everything will work well in the long run.

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25 October 2022

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