A Guide To Mobile Banner Ads


When executing an online marketing campaign, do you want to make sure your message is distributed across every platform consistently, clearly, and effectively. With people using their phones more and more to browse the Internet and use social media, many are spending even less time on an actual desktop or laptop computer. Because of this, banner ads that have long been a staple of online marketing, need to be equally effective and visible on smart phone and mobile devices as they usually are on Internet browsers. This article is basic guide to mobile banner ads, and it should help you realize how important they are.

Why Mobile Banner Ads are Key

With more people spending even more time browsing the web on smart phones, mobile banner ads are more relevant then ever. They can be inserted onto website, optimized for smart phone browsing. You can also buy ad space on most apps. With the sharp rise of social media paid advertisements, on apps like Instagram and Facebook, banner ads have much more competition. Luckily, this means that ad space has become even more affordable and competitively priced.

Click-Away vs. Leaderboard Ads

There are variety of banner ad styles. Leaderboard ads are what most people think of. They are usually at the top of the page, often above the website header. Click-away banners are also effective, but phone users often find them annoying and invasive. Some companies unerstandly avoid using click-away banners because they don't want to annoy their customers. They pop up, blocking the entire web page until they are exited or clicked out of. This means that they are also hard to miss. The mobile user can't help but read the ad before exiting.

The Key to Effective Mobile Banner Ads

First of all, you shouldn't just downscale your web ads and send them in to be used in your mobile advertising. Mobile banner ads need to be formatted so they will be visible and clear on the smaller screens. This usually means the ad should have a little less information, but with logos and key info made a little larger. Make sure you graphic design teams sets out to produce banners that are distinct and specifically designed so they can be optimized for web or mobile devices. To ensure saturation and campaign cohesion, you want to make sure that your ads are similar to each other.

Mobile advertising is obviously here to stay, so banners ads will remain relevant for many years.


30 November 2017

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