Ensuring Your Website Is ADA-Compliant And Benefits Your Marketing Strategies


It's in your company's best interests to ensure its website is fully ADA-compliant. Web accessibility isn't perfect. However, it's much better than it used to be as tech companies have added more audio and video features, as well as creating more assistive devices that allow people with disabilities to use websites more easily. The sooner you get your website into shape to meet guidelines for accessibility, the sooner you can grow your audience and customer base while also increasing your good reputation.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 and 2.1)

The WCAG is a set of guidelines meant to help you make sure your website is ADA-compliant. These guidelines do change, so once you get your website into shape, you'll still have to monitor the guidelines and update your website as necessary. Most accessibility relies on WCAG 2.0, but version 2.1 has been recommended since 2018. The guidelines break up website accessibility into four qualities: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

  • Perceivable: Text must be presented in different ways or modes so that everyone can receive the information.
  • Operable: Users should be able to access all features with a keyboard, and nothing on the site should contain designs known to set off seizures.
  • Understandable: Everything on the website – text, audio, instructions, and input features – must be easy to understand.
  • Robust: As assistive devices change and improve, so should your website's compatibility with those devices.

How Does Marketing Benefit?

Creating a website that is fully accessible to people with disabilities is basically good business practice. More potential customers and employees can access your website if it complies with ADA regulations. You also don't want your company to be slapped with ADA complaints or lawsuits (which, in the past few years, have been increasing in general). Plus, if you have a compliant website and keep it fully compliant, updating the site as guidelines change, you show your customers that you do want to include them – and that can make you look a lot better in the eyes of the public.

Don't worry if ADA website design seems overwhelming at first. Work with a company that has experience creating ADA-compliant websites to ensure the site follows the latest guidelines and is compatible with the latest technology, as well as with older forms. Remember that not everyone can update assistive devices immediately, so your site should continue to work with older tools, too. Contact an ADA compliance solution for websites service near you.


20 December 2021

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