3 Tips For Starting A Homemade Business Online


Many people make homemade items as a hobby, but rarely do they make the transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur. If you are ready to start a homemade business, there are several ways to increase your chances of success.

Start With A Third-Party

There are numerous platforms for selling homemade items online. The right platform for you needs will depend on researching other seller's experiences and what you can afford to pay upfront in fees. Generally, each platform may have a recurring fee associated with an account and listing fees. Additionally, you may be charged for each transaction.

Another consideration will be how you want to ship your items. Most platforms are for people who want to handle their own shipping. Some will allow you to send your handmade items to them for fulfillment. Many sellers use a combination of platforms so they can reach the most customers and have different options for customizing products to the buyer's specifications. Remember, you will need to consider any fees and shipping costs when you decide how you will price each item.

Integrate Your Website

Although you will likely start your homemade business with a third-party, this is not your ultimate goal. Your ultimate goals should be to solely sell products through your website. If you have the funds, it is best to find a professional website developer who is familiar with helping small businesses and offering software development services. You will need to start branding your business and determine the preferred method of creating an online store. Again, third-party applications can be useful because they are easy to integrate into an existing website, and you do not need to be concerned about handling payments. If you integrate an reputable e-commerce platform, these services have their own security measures to make selling easier.

Use Multiple Income Streams

Having a website is not only important for selling your product, but you should use it as a hub for additional income streams. Use websites from your favorite artists and crafters as an example. Many of them sell patterns, tutorials, prints, and classes, in addition to their handmade items. They also have a following on social media platforms where they can generate ad revenue. If you sew, crochet, or knit, consider selling your own unique patterns and create accompanying tutorials to post on social media. Another option is to sell kits that contain the necessary supplies to create a finished piece. By having different income streams on your website, you can appeal to different segments of your audience.

Having a homemade business is a rewarding, but challenging experience. By using various methods to sell your products and not relying on a single source of income, you are more likely to be successful in your business.


24 January 2018

Online Marketing for Your Business

Hi. My name is Gerald Jones. Thanks for stopping by my website. I have owned a small retail business for about fifteen years now. I started out with only a physical location, and then a few years later built a website and started selling online. The one thing I have learned is that you have to market your business to be successful. Gone are the days where people find you in the yellow pages of the phone book. Competition is fierce, but it’s not impossible to thrive. Online marketing is probably the most important advertising a business can have. Learning how to market online can be challenging, but if I can do it, anyone can! I’m going to share more about the importance of online marketing and how to get started. Hope you find this information to be of value.