Restaurant Promotions: Capturing The Five Senses Through Short-Form Digital Marketing Videos


Digital marketing is all about catering your specific restaurant services directly to customers. In turn, a successful marketing campaign can help spread your restaurant's promotions naturally and organically through shared social media posts. While sight is one of the most important senses when it comes to digital videos, there are ways to showcase signature items and infuse other senses into your marketing promotions. By doing this, you can reach audiences in new ways and inspire them to come and eat at your establishment. While planning out short form videos with digital marketing services, you can use the following tips to help build up your campaign and create unique short form videos for use on social media.


One of the main senses to focus on during your marketing campaign is sight. When creating digital marketing campaign, it's important to consider the types of devices that people will be watching your videos on. Small phone screens and tablets offer limited viewing. This is why it's important to use a lot of close-ups with your marketing videos. Close shots of featured foods can help showcase details and allow viewers to see everything that you have to offer. A digital marketing company can also help you create graphics and designs that will stand out on these small devices. Large fonts and logos can be used to overlay your video content and help promote your restaurant in a clear and positive way.


Sound is another important sense that can make a big difference on the impact your marketing videos have. One of the best ways to infuse the sounds of your restaurant is to feature isolated sound effects of different food elements. Inserting recognizable sounds can help trigger hunger feelings and desire to eat. For example, your videos can feature a number of quick cooking sounds. This includes the sizzling of a steak or the boiling water for pasta. The crunch of a lobster shell or the slurp of a bowl of soup can also trigger these feelings.

Aside from the natural sounds, a marketing company can help pair your videos up with music that reflects the mood of your restaurant. For example, if you own a romantic Italian restaurant, then moody music may be chosen to help reflect the theme. A more relaxing restaurant may use modern music songs and elements to cater to the current generation and make your restaurant feel relevant.


One of the harder senses to infuse into your videos is taste. One of the easiest ways to is to use key words that can trigger familiar taste sensations in viewers. For example, cheese is a great example. Instead of just listing off a "cheesy pasta" dish, you can use taste description words like gooey, oozing, and creamy. These descriptive words will draw a familiarity of taste into a viewer's mouth and allow them to crave those sensations before they even arrive at your restaurant.


Implementing touch into your videos can easily be done by showcasing your customers enjoying foods. Shots of hands grabbing bread sticks, a fry getting dipped into ketchup, or a slice of pizza getting pulled from the pie are simple ways to show touch. You can also showcase the texture of food using close-up shots. For example, texture shots and visualizations of touch are easily found through a number of dessert products. You can showcase close-ups of ice cream, cheesecakes, or slices of pie.


By infusing the other four senses into your video, the sense of smell can come naturally through your promotions. When creating videos, there are a few extra ways to get someone to mentally picture the amazing smells that come from your restaurant. For example, you can show steam coming off of a freshly baked potato. The freshness of the steam can trigger a brain to remember the smell of the potato. Trigger words can also be used to help enhance smell senses. This includes things like aroma, fresh-baked, or salty.

Working with a digital marketing company can help take your short form videos to the next level. Contact a company like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions for more information on various services and options.


10 August 2016

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