5 Facial Stretchs And Massages For Your Health While Working In Telemarketing


Working as a telemarketing can be taxing on your face, neck, and eyes. Like many people with a desk job, you will be focusing on a computer for long periods each day. However, because you will be talking a lot as well, you may experience more facial stress than other desk workers. Strain of your facial muscles can cause headaches and fatigue. To reduce these symptoms and boost your productivity, it is important that you take regular breaks throughout the day to perform some or all of the following exercises. 

Progressive Relaxation of the Jaw 

Progressive relaxation techniques draw your attention to tightness and strain in your body. With greater awareness, you may find it easier to remind yourself to relax your jaw throughout the day, which can prevent unnecessary strain. 

To practice progressive relaxation, begin by clenching your jaw tightly for 3-5 seconds. Then, relax your jaw and let your mouth fall open. Using two fingers, put slight upwards pressure on your lower jaw for 3-5 seconds and then let it relax again. You should repeat this exercise 2-3 times, until you feel your lower jaw naturally falling away from your upper jaw when your mouth is closed. 

Jaw Massage 

A jaw massage can stimulate blood flow and relax the muscles and tendons around your jaw. 

You should begin by holding your fingers together and making large circles on your cheeks. After making 2 or 3 circles, use the tip of your middle and index fingers to apply slight pressure in the hollow near your ear where your upper and lower jaw meet for 10-15 seconds. Maintaining pressure, begin to make small circles while relaxing your jaw. After 10-15 seconds of circular motions, reduce the pressure and let your fingers rest where they are.

Next, use your thumbs to apply slight pressure forward against your lower jaw. This will cause your jaw to thrust forward. Breath deeply and hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Slowly release your lower jaw and end with large circles on your cheeks for 10-15 seconds.  

​Acupressure for Eye Strain 

To reduce eye strain, you should teach yourself some basic acupressure points that relax your eyes. The most obvious points are your temples, the bridge of your nose, and what is commonly called the third eye, which is a point on your forehead between your eyebrows. Applying pressure to each of these points for 30 seconds can reduce your feelings of fatigue and strain.

Less well known, the tips of your thumbs and the tips of your big toes are also thought to relax your eyes. Simple roll the tip of one thumb between the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. After 30 seconds, switch hands.  

Eye Exercises

It is important to vary your focus throughout the work day. Every twenty minutes, you should stop looking at your computer screen and focus on an object across the room or outside. Shift your focus between a far away object and a near object several times, spending ten seconds looking at each. 

Facial Yoga to Relax Your Face and Neck 

Facial yoga is generally thought to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles. However, it can also be an excellent way to reduce strain in your jaw caused by long periods of talking. A particularly effective pose is called lion's pose. 

In this pose, you will open your mouth as wide as possible and stick your tongue out, trying to touch your chin. Widen your eyes and exhale with a loud, "ah," sound, then hold the position for 5-10 seconds before repeating. 

Taking care of yourself in any job is important. As a telemarketer, you should pay extra attention to the strain you put on your face, jaw, and eyes while working. For more about this topic and telemarketing, contact professionals.


6 August 2015

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